Universal Questions

I wonder if you are wondering????

Yes I stated earlier that I have stumbled, well maybe not stumbled it has actually been a lot of work, but let’s just say I have come to Mui Ne Vietnam and somewhere in the bustle among the pointy hats, motorbikes and colourful kites I have found Michelle and some direction. One could say that the training I have embarked on to become a kiteboarding instructor is direction as indeed it is, as is the pursuit of a freelance writing career and successful blogger. However the direction I have found is (well honestly it was so graciously pointed out to me by a mentor, an amazing woman I truly admire) the only direction that I truly need to be headed to be happy and free, is to be on the path of spiritual growth.

Sounds simple eh? One day it will be second nature and just part of who I am and how I live (I am hoping) but in the beginning it takes training. With my keen dedication I am steadily progressing. However a daily application of some simple practices is essential and certainty makes better of my day.

I am a child of the universe no less than the stars and the trees. Oh how I love the Desiderata poem. A belief in something bigger than myself and handing over the director’s hat make life a lot easier and when I stop pushing and have faith my world simply blossoms and I sense all is unfolding exactly as it should.

For this ocean lover there is another lovely string of words I have read that I can not resist quoting here, ‘When I stop struggling I float. It is the law.’

How crazy we are to hang onto behaviours that clearly don’t serve us. I can look at my behaviours and whack in an opposite and bam! On paper they look less appealing than controlling the show but here lies the deception! Now to give is to receive, love to be loved, pay service to be free.

I made a pretty fine mess of my past but not one day would I surrender to avoid some of the pain because each speed hump, mistake, non achievement, sorrow and shame is mine alone and is a mere facet of the whole diamond I am becoming today 💟

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