Friends for Life

As I spend my last few days in Cambodia the feeling is bittersweet. I am ready to go home but I do want to stay. Travelling particularly alone we cross paths with many like-minded people, become friends for a time and inevitably part ways. I have made friends here in Cambodia that I know with every fibre of my being we will be friends for life. We have shared a special and unique bond and gone above and beyond for each other.

Although my footprints have washed away we will always walk together x


To My Readers

For those of you who read my posts and I feel this is very few, I thank you. My purpose is partly for myself as a form of therapy and attempt to understand what I do, but also in the hope to help educate people on the powerlessness of addiction as a disease and not of moral deficiency. I also hope to reach others in my condition as someone to relate to and share with. If I help anyone along the way I am so grateful that I have the opportunity through my words. Additionally I am attempting to establish myself as a freelance writer but this will only be a small part of my blog and a nice light and enjoyable (mostly) thing to share with you as I know of late most of my entries have been quite heavy. I look forward to sharing my progression in recovery and spiritual growth as well as entertaining you with my poems and stories. Please Like and Share my blog so that I may reach more receptive people.