The Magic of Words

Words are the pearls I string on a thread that form the jewels of my stories.

I love words, they fascinate me. One word is one pearl and a string of pearls a sentence or a story that can portray a multitude of feelings. Words portray emotion, communication, information, beauty and love. Words can warm, words can heal, our words can hurt and wound. Thoughts are words that can lift us up, tear us down, drive us and heal us.

The written word is a document to a time, place and feeling. A memory recorded to be treasured.

My writing is art just like a painting. What joy to begin with nothing, a blank sheet that communicates no feeling and finish with a creation unique and individual that can incite any emotion, laughter, tears, love, confusion, sadness, even hate.

I want to fill my world with pearls of spirit, love and hope and my greatest wish is to string them in a fashion that will move you.

Thank you for sharing xoxo

“Words are the pearls we string on a thread” ANTHONY ROBBINS

photo credit: UnShuttered Soul~ Good to be busy! Bokeh via photopin (license)