Soar Like an Eagle

Sometimes (sometimes often) I get so weighed down by my emotions and it is so difficult to sit with it and wait for it to pass as I know all things do. I read a beautiful reading which reminded me I am a human confined to earthly life and emotional disturbances, pain and suffering are all part of this.

If I can remember to turn inward and find calm and if possible have space to sit and meditate I imagine that I am an eagle soaring high above my troubles. Looking down on their earthly constraint I know that I have a choice to learn from the struggles in my path, to rise up and face and to spiritually grow. I remember that I too have moments inn this earthly life where I am at peace and in joy and my emotions are free, soaring high like the eagle.

photo credit: Nanak26 Soaring Humantay via photopin (license)

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