Hello world!

Hello World! and all the humans within it, particularly you 😁

Welcome to my blog. My name is Michelle, but you can call me Shell. Most of my friends do.

I’m a complicated, dysfunctional and slightly unstable woman who makes no excuses for this. I have dragged myself in, through and out of addiction and live in increasing peace and harmony with myself striving to reach the sunlight of my spirit.

I’m a good runner, literally and figuratively and this year I found myself running to South East Asia (figuratively of course, obviously I flew) where I have spent the majority of the year in various countries searching for myself and direction. And oh, what a ride it has been.

I’ve visited Thailand, Cambodia and Bali before heading back to Australia to sell virtually all my possessions (not much, it netted me 3K) with the purpose of continuing my running quite aimlessly really through Vietnam, a prolonged stint in Cambodia with another quick surf trip to Bali (no waves in Cambo), finding a job then finding out it was a scam, bolting to Vietnam and landing in Mui Ne 5hrs north of Saigon where direction and myself were to be found.

And here I sit now setting up my blog to bare my soul to you.

I understand I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of coffee but hey everyone is not mine, so if you would like to read my stories, learn of my adventures, nightmares, and follow my travels, I’m happy to have you tag along. I’m over the moon to be precise.

So strap yourself into my roller coaster and get ready for the ride. I promise always to be totally raw and vulnerable  with no excuses for my intricate humanness.

Woohoo.. Get set, here we go 🎈🎈

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