About Me

Hi there thanks for stopping by. I’m Michelle, 38 years old, single, no children, never married. I am beginning a new vocation as a freelance writer and blogger and I would love for you to come along for the ride.

My life has been curious to say the least. An awkward childhood, difficult teenage years, and an adulthood fraught with addiction culminating 20 years later in long term rehab. Fast forward 3 years and my approach to life is to pursue a selfless, spiritual means of living and strive to improve my humanness. I struggle, sometimes it feels more than most but I try to accept myself just as I am, climb out of my buckets of self obsession, self pity and selfishness to embrace my past with every smudge and mar upon it. It has been a difficult but rewarding process of shedding shame and letting go, righting wrongs where I can and seeking to be of service to my fellows.

This blog has made a space for me to bare my imperfect soul through the magic of words. “Words are pearls we string on a thread”, motivational speaker and author Anthony Robbins, and it would be my privilege if you would do me the pleasure of joining me on this journey. I will endeavour to entertain and move you through my stories, articles and poems sharing honestly and openly from my heart, hoping to touch yours.

My work will be an eclectic mix of poems, stories and articles including raw, vulnerable and poetic delivery of my rehab experience, stories representing my experiences and emotions and thoughts of specific events of my life, articles containing accounts of my colourful and enriching experiences in South East Asia and abroad.

My blog will be a place to record my thoughts and share my impressions of life, recovery from addiction and whatever may be going on for me internally or externally during the moments to come in my life and I pray you enjoy joining me.